shoes in the athletic footwear industry

New Air Jordan 4” Basketball shoes are among some of the most technologically advanced shoes in the athletic footwear industry. These shoes are often the source of revolutionary designs and innovations that make them lighter, more comfortable, provide better support, and prevent possible injuries to the feet. Shoes like the Air Jordan shoe how a single shoe line can continuously reinvent itself building upon the success of past predecessors and correcting their flaws as well. Part of what drives this is the intense popularity and exposure of basketball not only in the United States but worldwide. With high profile athletes partnering with major shoe companies to advertise and design new shoes for the basketball court, the advances in the design of the basketball shoe has taken leaps and bounds. These shoes also have street status. A person that can wear the latest shoe on the court can be seen with elevated respect by their peers, especially if their basketball skills can back it up. This culture of being both an important piece of athletic equipment and a status symbol make this type of shoe one the most compelling in Sportswear.

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