The darkest moment for cp3 and air jordan

Today, the Suns with CHRIS Paul lost to the Dallas Mavericks with LUCA DONCIC, which was a huge blow to Paul, the suns and Air Jordan.Since the beginning of the 2007-08 season, Paul has his own signature New jordan shoes – Jordan CP3 series, which has always been a classic of speed guard shoes. Air Jordan is the most successful series of Nike. It can be said that it has been completely separated from the whole branch of Nike system and formed its own brand culture. It is not so much Nike’s basketball shoe culture with a long history as air jordan’s eternal youth. However, from the current AJ point of view, it can only eat the same bowl of rice. After all, the new sneakers are becoming more and more unsatisfactory, which is not enough to make huge profits, or, AJ found that reproduction can earn a lot of money, but he is less and less interested in new products.Today is the darkest moment for cp3 and air jordan.