shoe but also an innovative new shoe designer

The Air Jordan XXI brought not only an innovative new shoe but also an innovative new shoe designer. The AJXXI was designed by Wayne Edwards and this simple yet elegant and classic design drew its inspiration directly from the Bentley Continental GT coupe (the front of the shoe is supposed to look like this Bentley’s grill) after previously drawing inspiration from exotic sports cars such as the Lamborghini and Ferrari. Although “New Jordan 14 2020” Michael had long since retired the parallels between the Bentley (the ghost in the machine) and the soul(sole)/d.n.a. of Champion make an analogy between the way Michael performed at the highest level while making it all look so effortless and the performance of a smooth, elegant classic automobile. As for the makeup of the AJ 21s, the first sign of quality is the luxurious Italian suede combined with full grain leather on its upper. In order to match style with performance the 21s lead the way in terms of materials for both aesthetic and pragmatic reasons. Newly engineered fabrics provide not only breathe-ability yet also durability and support in critical performance regions; breathable mesh allows the tongue to release heat while the flexible tongue cover either flips up to show the new feature or flips down for a more refined appearance. The outsole integrated with the I.P.S technology by way of elevated herringbone pods allows for multidirectional traction regarding zones/matters of key performance.

New Jordan Retro 11