Jordan was freely in stadium and shopping malls for 16 years

New Jordan ReleasesJordan was freely in stadium and shopping malls for 16 years. He became the most successful professional sports stars and commercial sports star of the world. His first commercial advertising was in the 1984 summer signed with Nike. At that time, Nike was in bad environment. He liked the European brand Adidas. But Nike had valued this extremely potential young man. It opened the very generous conditions, and promised to establish Jordan personal brand. Even let Jordan take sales commissions in each pair of sneakers in Jordan series

New Jordan 12In 1984, he was 21-year-old. He was chosen by the Chicago bulls. A brilliant mythic age of NBA was creeping started. At that time the U.S. footwear competition is brutal. Nike was in a difficult situation. They found Jordan and decided to put on bets in Jordan. Its sincerity moved him. They signed five years and purchased $2.5 million contract (at that time is not a small number). It was no doubt that it is the biggest gambling game in history

New Jordan ShoesThen Jordan and Nike meet. They had a good conversation. By contrast, Jordan and Adidas company boss had uncomfortable talks for few times. And Adidas was not willing to spend big price signing Michael Jordan. And as a result, they gave up the chance.

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