fake Air Jordans are made in probably the same factory

New Release Jordan 1” Knockoffs, Scam, Rip Offs v Genuine, Authentic, Real. There are many articles, blogs or forums that discuss these topics, whether it is related to shoes, Gucci handbags or other designer items. Many people want to ensure that they are getting the real deal and not a fake or knockoff of the original. How do you do that then? You of course will not be buying your new pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes for around $89 and expecting to pass them off yourself as 100% Air Jordan originals will you when you don’t pay over $300 for them? Or will you? Why can’t you? When you consider that the so called real or genuine products are made in an Asian country and then on sold to you for over $300, but replica or so called fake Air Jordans are made in probably the same factory, by the same factory workers using the same products and on sold to you for $89 the scam gets confusing.

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