Air jordan 2 which was designed in 1986

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Although air jordan 2, which was designed in 1986, has a long history, it still makes people unable to ignore its light. This series of basketball shoes also has very distinctive features in the entire Jordan series of shoes, which can make the wearer feel its classic and comfortable. In the arena, there are many stories about Michael Jordan and this pair of shoes that are memorable.

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But judging from the design of air jordan2, there are mainly two designs of medium tube and low tube. It can make the shoes look very fashionable, and the materials used in the ankle part can also ensure the safety of people’s ankle joints.”Jordan 1 New Love” Many people like this design, because the classic colors like red and white play an important role in it, and the appearance is very fashionable. From the perspective of the design lines, Jordan II is generally very simple in style, giving people a sense of low-key luxury. Not only on the court, this shoe will also look very versatile in daily collocation. A pair of Jordan II’s wonderful performance has lasted for 30 years, and perhaps it will continue to affect more people.

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